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Today's job - Volvo V70.

The brief -

This car came from a recommendation, the owner wanting some unsightly marring removing, along with his 'shine' restoring. Someone had removed dried bird lime from areas of the paintwork using a dried tissue, causing some mid to deep scratches on a couple of the panels.

The inspection –

The Volvo showed only very light swirling under the bright Xenon lighting of the Brinkmann torch. Some areas of scratching highlighted by the vehicles owner visible under normal lighting conditions though. The PTG readings from the Positest paint thickness gauge all coming back around the 120 micron mark. This showed that the car was a good genuine one, with no repair work.

The wash process-

Foamed with the Gilmour and a mix of Super Snow Foam : Chemical Guy's Maxi Suds II.
Wheels treated with P21s Wheel Gel

Wheels cleaned with Zymol horsehair brushes.
Inner arches and tyres treated with Meguiar's Super Degreaser cut 10:1 through Meguiar's Foaming trigger sprayers.
Plastic Trim treated with Meguiar's APC cut 10:1 through Meguiar's foaming trigger sprayers.
Rinsed the whole car. The P121s gel taking for ever to rinse clean. This really does take a grip while it cleans.
Washed the car using Meguiar's Shampoo Plus, shMITT's and a 2 bucket method.
Rinsed the whole car.
The lower sections of the car were treated with 'panel wipe' to de tar them. We then rewashed the lower areas again, and re rinsed.

The car was taken into one of the shops for claying. Using mugs of warm water to keep the clay up to temperature, we carefully clayed the Volvo. Using two full bars of Sonus Grey clay, and over a litre of Meguiar's Last Touch as lube.
Dried the car with Poorboys MF's.

The polishing process -

After full inspection with our Positector PTG, and various pad and product combo's, this is what we settled on -
Using the metabo rotary, Meguiar's polishing pad and Menzerna IP PO85RD3.02 (Shirley)
2 x 1/2 lines of product onto the pad
Set the Metabo going to pick up the polish into the pad, then 1 slow and heavy pass over a 18" square section to spread out the polish.
5 or 6 passes at speed 3 on the metabo, with decreasing pressure on each pass. The polish all but disappears, leaving just the lightest of oil residues left behind. No spatter, no real mess.
1 final pass on speed 1 to refine the finish.

We then wiped down the section, inspected both visually and with the PTG and repeated as necessary. The Menzerna leaving a rather nice LSP ready finish, straight from rotary.

The dressings -

Tyres dressed with Megs Hyper dressing cut 4 parts water to 1 part HD.
Trim dressed with Chemical Guys New Look trim Gel.
Wheels waxed with Chemical Guys Wheel Sealant.
Glass cleaned with Clearkote Vanilla Moose Glaze.
Windscreen cleaned with Meguiars Glass Cleaner Concentrate.
The car was given good winter protection by applying two coats of Meguiar’s #21 Sealant. We applied the first coat, allowed it to haze, buffed and then applied a second coat. This was also allowed to haze before being buffed.
The car was then waxed with Collinite 476's, using the Cosmo and a 4" black LC pad and a spritz of Last Touch.

Buffed off with Poorboys MF's.

The afters -

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