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Today’s detail – Nissan Navara.


The brief –

This Navara is one of a pair that live on a local farm, where it is used as a utility vehicle. The owner being a very busy person, wanted a level of protection offered to the paintwork to assist when cleaning the Navara. The owner just too busy to use a two bucket method, preferring to give the Navara regular washes with a jet wash.


The wash process –

Usual wash of Snow Foam / Maxi Suds II, left to dwell.
Wheels treated with Meguiar's Wheel Brightener at 4:1
Arches after an initial hosing out Meguiar's Super Degreaser cut 4:1
Rinsed with warm water at 45 degrees through the steam cleaner,
Foamed a 2nd time.
Rinsed with warm water at 45 degrees through the steam cleaner.
Washed by Eurow wash mitt with Shampoo plus in 2 buckets (warm)
Rinsed again with warm water.
Clayed with Sonus Black and Megs Last Touch as lube.
Dried with Megs Water Magnets (soft as anything after a couple of washes in CG's Microfibre Wash )

The polishing process –

Using a 6” Sonus SFX 2 white polishing pad on the PC, with a 6” line of Carlack 68 Nano Technology Systematic care polish. The Carlack 68 being a chemical paint cleaner in preference to an abrasive polish. It also leaves behind some acrylic nano technology protection.

The PC was set straight to speed 5, and a 2’ x 2’ section of vehicle was polished with good pressure on the polisher until the residue had all but disappeared. The remaining residue easy to buff off using a clean Microfibre cloth. After the residue had been removed, a thin coat of Carlack Long Life protection was applied.

The whole vehicle was polished in such a fashion, the PC and the Carlack 68 really doing a great job of removing any dirt that was engraved into the paintwork of this Navara. The Navara taking on a brilliant sheen from just the Carlack 68.

Once the whole vehicle had been polished and sealed using the Carlack 68 and the Carlack Long Life sealant, the residue was removed by MF of the Long Life Sealant., before a 2nd very thin coat was applied.

This was given half an hour to fully cure, while we dressed trims and cleaned the glass etc. Buffed off, the finished Navara looked like this.

The after's -

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