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Today’s job – BMW 535d Sport Individual.


Process –

Wash with Optimum ‘No Rinse’ & Sonus mitts/ MF’s
Clayed with Sonus Green clay, as contaminant was light.
Spritzed with Last Touch then dried down with Sonus MF’s.
Masked with 3M 3434 tape.


A full set of paint thickness readings were taken using a Positect paint thickness gauge.

Polished using a Metabo rotary and Meguiar’s 6” polishing pad.
Polish used tonight after the usual trial combo’s – Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.02.

Yet again, this is another car where I did not do 100% defect removal. 100% swirl removal yes, but 100% defect removal, no. The BMW’s an 06 model, and to be honest I’ll probably not get to see it again. Even so, I was not prepared to jeopardize the future integrity of a customers clearcoat for the sake of chasing out every last random depth scratch. If I could have signed the customer up to a fortnightly maintenance plan, whereby one of our guys does the wash, then I may have gone a bit deeper.

The polishing process-

Metabo rotary + Meg’s polishing pad + Menz PO85RD3.02

Check area with PTG to get start thickness.
2 x ½” lines of polish, to work a 18” square section.
1 pass at speed 1 on the Metabo, to spread out the polish evenly.
Up the speed to 3 ½ on the rotary, working the polish with good pressure on the head of the Metabo until the polish residue started to dry.
Back down to speed 1 on the rotary for 1 or 2 light and slow passes to refine the finish.

Wipe / Inspect / Check with PTG, repeat for a 2nd passes only to even out some of the deeper defects. The IP PO85RD3.02 seemed well suited to this tough BMW paint. This seemed such an easy polish to work on this paint type. By getting the speed and pressure applied right, I managed to keep not only spatter but also the need to spur to an absolute minimum.

The last step process -

Carlack 68 polish by PC with Sonus SFX 2 white polishing pad, to add a bit of brilliance to the polished paintwork.

Carlack68 Nano tech sealer glaze by hand X 2, to add a bit of acrylic protection.

Pinnacle Souveran by hand.

The afters –

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